Updated Dec 15, 2023:
 width=THANK YOU to everyone who participated in this year’s Giving Tuesday! Your incredible support means the world to us as we continue our mission to find treatments and ultimately a cure for A-T. We are thrilled to share that, thanks to you, we’ve met the $60,000 match!

Sent Nov 28, 2023:

Dear Friends of the A-T Children’s Project,

It’s Giving Tuesday, and anonymous donors have joined together to match the first $60,000 in donations we receive! Please donate today to take advantage of this match and to help us keep our momentum as we head into 2024.

We’re more driven than ever to capitalize on recent discoveries and advance therapies for A-T. With your help, we can continue to “punch above our weight” as an organization. Here are a few examples of what we’re intensely focused on these days:

  • expanding collaborations with academic, industry and government researchers around the world to aggressively pursue new gene replacement and gene editing approaches
  • harnessing large-scale robotics and machine learning technologies to test novel chemical compounds as well as marketed drugs to identify new starting points and “shortcuts” to treatments for A-T
  • recruiting A-T families to participate in upcoming clinical studies and drug trials
  • increasing our ability to track and measure A-T’s neurological decline by expanding our initiative to discover biomarkers using blood samples and wearable devices
  • testing a new brain stimulation device that may reduce involuntary muscle contractions sometimes experienced in A-T

The road to find cures for diseases can be frustratingly long and difficult, and A-T is no exception. But, over the years, A-T families and friends have worked incessantly – raising funds, hosting events, participating in studies – and we are now closer than ever to finding effective and meaningful treatments. In the coming year, we should see several clinical studies and trials, each with the potential to make a difference.

By making a matched donation between now and Friday (December 1st), you will help us keep up the momentum!

All the best,

Brad Margus

Founder, Volunteer Board Chair and A-T Dad

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