Did you see the great news? The Robert E. Herrmann Memorial Fund is matching donations to the A-T Children’s Project dollar for dollar up to $50,000!

Shout out to Team Seanie for starting us off strong! Sean’s mom, Cara, has a message for anyone looking to fundraise for the match: “Our A-T families are connected in so many ways. This is a great opportunity to lean on each other to positively impact the dollars raised to fund medical research that helps all our kids! I really cherish these moments when we can communicate and support each other. Let’s do this together!!!” Read on for some suggestions about how you can use the match to encourage your supporters to give.

Emphasize to your friends and family that the matching grant’s purpose is not only to double the funds raised, but is to have twice the impact. At the A-T Children’s Project, this means more funding for innovative A-T research toward life-improving therapies and a cure. Share the link below and mention that they can donate in honor of the A-T warrior in their life.


The match is especially opportune for anyone whose spring events have been cancelled. Consider reaching out to your event attendees and telling them about the match. “Although we are not holding our annual bake sale this year, our fight to cure A-T presses on. We hope you will continue to support the A-T Children’s Project and help them meet their $50,000 match! This is a great way to maximize your impact and maximize the hope for a cure!”

Not an event host? If you’re looking to generate more excitement about the match, consider adding a personal element.

  • “If we meet the $50,000 match by April 30, my whole family will dye our hair red for a week!”
  • “If we reach the $50,000 match by April 27, Uncle Jim has agreed to wear a Yankees jersey to the next Red Sox game.”
  • “Any Team Julia supporters who donate to the $50,000 match will be entered to win a plate of Julia’s homemade cookies!”


And, as always, spread the word about the match! Share the A-TCP’s Facebook post here to reach your social media network. Or even create a Facebook fundraiser! Yes, Facebook donations count toward the match!! (Refresher on creating a Facebook fundraiser here.)

If you’d like to make a custom social media post, click on the image on this post to download the “it’s a match” banner for a photo of your own. Insert your image and then go to File > Save As Pictures to get it ready to post.

Thank you for helping us get closer to our $50,000 match goal! We can’t do it without you!

Don’t forget all your donations to the A-T Children’s Project can be matched if your company has a corporate matching program. Reach out to your Human Resources representative to find out. More to come on corporate matching programs soon!

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