width=We interview an A-T mom about how she found success recruiting new monthly donors for the A-T Children’s Project!

Last month on Rare Disease Day, the A-T Children’s Project (A-TCP) announced a special offer for new monthly donors. The first 50 new donors to sign up for monthly giving unlock an additional $100 for the A-TCP from The Wasie Foundation. This is HUGE news and here’s why:

  • Monthly gifts have incredible sustaining power.
  • A-TCP monthly donors are committed to our mission.

Even though The Wasie Foundation’s challenge is big news, you don’t need to “go big” to fundraise for it! Stacey Bounds is mom to Sage, a four-year-old with A-T, and she brought her “A” game to this challenge on Rare Disease Day. She brought in four new monthly donors for Sage right away! We asked her how she did it. Her biggest tip . . .


How did you tell your family and friends about the opportunity to unlock $100 with a new monthly gift?

We used word of mouth to tell family and friends about unlocking the $100. It is the easiest way to ask for those $10 monthly donations! It’s exciting to think we could each month unlock extra money for A-TCP so we carried that excitement into each person we asked and we just asked!

We also used Facebook as our social media avenue to get the word out about Rare Disease Day and then sent separate messages to friends asking for support.

How did they react?

Everyone reacted really well because they know this is an amazing and important cause. Those that were able to help financially did and others provided emotional support.

How did you thank them?

We sent each person that signed up a card with Sage’s artwork and a big hug to those we could!

Any tips for other families looking to start asking their supporters to become monthly donors?

Tips for asking … just ask! Explain the need and be excited when telling them about how $10 a month can actually unlock $100! I remind them every little bit helps and there is no pressure at all! Most people respond well when just simply asked.

Stacey’s experience shows that recruiting monthly donors doesn’t have to be hard or intimidating. Simply asking goes a long way, and extra enthusiasm always helps!

Thanks to Stacey and all our grassroots fundraisers, we had 25 new monthly donors sign up for Rare Disease Day – unlocking $2,500 for the A-TCP. WOW! There are 25 more opportunities to unlock $100 and we need your help! We know you can do it! New monthly donors can sign up through our Giving Circle.

Before thinking about which of your supporters might be interested, be sure to check out our donor roll to see who is already giving. (Be on the lookout for a post later this year about how to thank your dedicated monthly donors.)

Want a social media post about monthly giving custom-designed for your family or team? We can help! Contact us at fundraising@atcp.org.

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