Have you seen what the Van Dyke family from Ontario is doing in lieu of their annual Birdies for Brayden golf tournament this year? Here’s a hint: “OUTWIT. OUTPLAY. OUTLAST.” Still stumped? Read on!


The Van Dykes are hosting a virtual Birdies for Brayden Survivor Edition. It is similar to a 50/50 raffle, but with an exciting twist.

Here is how it works!

  1. Get registered: When you register, 50% of the fee goes to the A-TCP and 50% goes into the pot!
  2. Join a team: If you didn’t register with a team, you’ll be placed into a team of four people.
  3. Cross your fingers and watch the live elimination rounds: For five days, the Van Dykes will draw individual names to eliminate from the pool. As long as one of your team members is still in the pool, you have a chance to win. The members of the last three teams remaining will all win a portion of the pot – 20%, 30% and 50% respectively!

Check out their Birdies for Brayden Survivor edition page here, or even buy your chance to win the pot!

The Van Dykes’ creativity has astounded us once again! Last year, they also took their annual event virtual with a prize grid. Supporters purchased a ‘golf score’ based on different donation levels. Depending on which level they donated at, they were entered one, two, three or four times into the raffle for prizes. And there were some amazing prizes including sight-seeing helicopter rides, steak dinners and even a beer tap machine. No wonder their prize grid raised over $20,000!

TLDR: Virtual events can be fun, new and exciting! Always feel free to reach out to us at fundraising@atcp.org if you are interested in a similar event or want a brainstorming partner!

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