How many emails do you get each day that you delete without reading? Now, how many text messages do you get each day that you delete without reading? If you’re like the majority of society, you read all your texts within a few minutes of receiving them. That is why the A-T Children’s Project is SO excited about our new texting capabilities!

A few of our supporters may have already received a text from us inviting them to one of our recent webinars. We want to share the fun! If you are an event host or A-T family looking for a new way to connect with your participants, we invite you to send out a mass text!

Here are some potential texting scenarios:

  •  width=Pre-Event
    • Save the date for this year’s annual Jump for Julia event! Coming to Newton on August 14!
    • Registration for 2021 Jump for Julia is now open – here’s the link to get signed up!
    • Check out this sneak peek of our raffle items – we can’t wait for the event to show you more! Don’t forget to register at [link].
  • Day of Event
    • Good morning! The rain doesn’t stop us! We have tents and heaters at the ready. See you there!
    • We are so excited to see you this afternoon! Please park in the empty lot to the left of the barn.
    • Our online auction closes in 10 minutes! Make your final bids at [link].
    • Please join us by the 9th hole for the raffle drawing in 10 minutes. Who is feeling lucky?
  • Post-Event
    • Thank you SO much for coming to this year’s event. We are so grateful for your support and your commitment to curing A-T. With your help, we raised $20,000 for the A-T Children’s Project!

You can send videos and photos along with your text. And, your supporters can even text back and have a conversation. There are so many possibilities for events, special days like Rare Disease Day or Giving Tuesday or even just to share a research update. We look forward to helping you every step of the way.

Connect with us at to learn how to incorporate mass texts into your next event or other fundraising efforts!

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