Adults with A-T

Advances in managing nutrition, lung disease, immunodeficiency and cancer, have led to a substantial increase in the number of people with A-T above the age of 20. Adults with A-T have a unique set of social and medical problems.  An issue for virtually everyone is figuring out what to do when high school is finished.   Some choose to take classes at community college, some work or volunteer part-time, and some find adaptive sports activities and social groups that they enjoy. However, a number of people with A-T feel socially isolated and without purpose. Counseling and screening for depression become essential. As caregivers age, there are also important decisions to be made regarding long-term care and finances.

Newly recognized medical problems that develop in some adults include:

  • Cancers other than lymphoma and leukemia (See Cancer)
  • Rapid, large uncontrolled movements of the extremities or the head
  • Chronic inflammation of the liver, occasionally progressing to cause clinically important liver disease or cirrhosis

Other Adults with A-T

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