Nuclear ATM Staining Image Courtesy of Yossi Shiloh, PhD

Antibodies Raised Against the ATM Protein

Where to Find Commercially Produced Antibodies

The quality of each antisera must be determined empirically.

Commercially available ATM antibodies can be found through the AntibodyResource website, which contains antibody products, including ELISA kits, from 170 suppliers.

Companies that supply antibodies against the ATM protein kinase, which may not be listed in the resource above include:

Antibody Highlights

  • AMS Biotechnology Ltd has been providing life science researchers with innovative genomics, proteomics and antibody products and services for over 20 years. For information regarding ATM antisera and ATM related reagents, please visit their website.
  • Labome reviews literature to identify those antibodies that have been used in formal, peer-reviewed publications. View their ATM antibody review.
  • LifeSpan BioSciences, Inc. offers a catalog of almost 80,000 antibodies, many of which have been validated for immunohistochemistry, including antibodies against ATM.
  • Novus Biologicals, Inc. is a supplier of high quality antibodies and recombinant proteins. They have a comprehensive list of ATM antibodies as well as a full line of over 15,000 primary antibodies. Novus Biologicals was a sponsor of the 2006 International Workshop on ATM.
  • R&D Systems offers an affinity-purified rabbit anti-phospho-ATM (S1981) antibody. For more details, please visit their website or see the chart of Commercially Produced Antibodies against ATM.
  • In addition to their monoclonal ATM protein kinase pS1981 antisera, Rockland Immunochemicals also provides Biotin and Peroxidase conjugated forms of this antisera. For pricing and ordering please call 800.656.ROCK.