Endocrine Abnormalities


Diabetes occurs in a number of people with A-T.  This is more often caused by a problem with the way insulin acts on cells (insulin resistance) instead of insulin deficiency, and may require management by a specialist.  Because of the predisposition to diabetes, weight control and good nutrition are essential throughout life.


Development of normal puberty is usually delayed or impaired for boys and girls. Some females with A-T have irregular menstrual periods, others stop having periods at an early age, and a few never complete pubertal development to the point of starting menstrual periods. A gynecologist should be consulted for help with these problems.

Early menopause is associated with low levels of estrogen that may cause hot flashes and predispose people to develop osteoporosis.  Supplemental estrogen can be prescribed, but a specialist should be involved to help determine the relative benefits versus the potential risk for breast cancer.

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