Mouse Models

ATM Knockout Mice

These mice can be obtained from The Jackson Laboratory, one of the world's leading suppliers of mice for scientific research. Atm deficient (Atm –/-) mice can also be ordered through The Jackson Laboratory.

  • 129S6/SvEvTac-Atmtm1Awb
  • B6.129S6-Atmtm1Awb (Atmtm1Awb Congenic C57BL/6J)
  • A.129S6-Atmtm1Awb (Atmtm1Awb Congenic A/J)
  • CByJ.129S6-Atmtm1Awb (Atmtm1Awb Congenic BALB/c/ByJ)
  • B6;129S4-Atmtm1Bal
  • 129-Atmtm2.1Fwa (conditional knockout)

Australian Phenome Bank

  • B6.129T2-Atmtm1Mfl
  • B6.129T2(FVB)-Atmtm1Mfl (delta SRI allele)
  • C.B6-ATMtm1Gct
  • B6.129-ATMtm1Gct

Researchers with Mouse Colonies

The following researchers also have ATM  knockout mouse colonies, as well as ATM  double knockout and/or conditional knockout mice: