Vision (ability to see objects in focus) is normal, but visual function is impaired by difficulty controlling the movement of the eyes. This most affects visual functions that require fast, accurate eye movemnets from point to point (e.g. reading). Eye misalignments (strabismus) are common and may be treatable with surgery. There may be difficulty in seeing objects up close and some people may benefit from the use of inexpensive reading glasses.

The A-T Eye

  • Most patients have telangiectasia (prominent but harmless blood vessels) on the white part of the eye (conjunctivae).
  • Vision (ability to see objects in focus) is normal.
  • Eye misalignments (strabismus) are common, but can be repaired.
  • There is difficulty moving the eyes together to focus on close objects (convergence).
  • Reading is a major problem because eye movements are not smooth, and there are problems coordinating eye movements with head movements.