Clinical Studies and Trials


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This trial will evaluate the effects of EryDex in patients with A-T.


Nicotinamide Riboside (Niagen) Proof-of-concept Study

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This trial in the Netherlands looked at the effects of nicotinamide ribose as a potential treatment for people with A-T.


PET Scan/FMRI Study

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Participants with A-T demonstrated lower brain activity or metabolism in the cerebellum as compared to control participants.


Baclofen Study

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At the dose tested, Baclofen did not have a significant effect on tremor, eye movement or balance deficits.


Dexamethasone Trial

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This open label study was performed to assess the safety and tolerability of the EryDex System in people with A-T.


Betamethasone Trials

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These trials studied whether a low dose betamethasone would reduce neurological symptoms associated with A-T.


Effect of Amantadine on Movement Disorder in A-T

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This trial was performed to see if amantadine sulphate improves ataxia or other movement disorders associated with A-T.


Cerebrospinal Fluid Biomarker Study

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Among the 204 identified CSF proteins, 13 showed significant changes in A-T patients versus control samples.


OxiDative Stress Clinical Trial

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Two laboratory markers of oxidative stress improved when participants took both alpha-lipoic acid and nicotinamide.


L-Dopa Treatment Trial

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No overall consistent improvement in neurologic function was observed on L-Dopa.